Top Gun

The Northwest Ohio CCW Top Gun Award


We are proud to announce a new feature of our popular Ohio Concealed Handgun License course. Once students have successfully completed the live fire range test the best shooters are invited to compete to determine who is the best of the best. The individual who earns the highest score with his/her carry gun will be awarded a special certificate certifying that they are the "Top Gun" for that class. One award will be issued in each class throughout the year. At the end of the year we will invite all award recipients to compete among themselves for a trophy and bragging rights. 

Top Gun by class:

January 23, 2010  Lima Sabres    Walt Monsauret   Sidney   S&W Model 4566 .45ACP

February 27, 2010   Lima Sabres        Mike Maris     Marysville      SIG Sauer P220 .45ACP

March 27, 2010         Lima Sabres           Doug Smith         Alger      Ruger P90DC .45ACP
April 24, 2010          Lima Sabres          Rob Hills           Arcadia          SA XD .45ACP
May 22, 2010       Lima Sabres          Chris Francis         Lima       Beretta PX4 Storm 9mm
July 24, 2010          Lima Sabres           Rob Stuber           Kenton           SIG P229 .40
Sep. 4, 2010     Liberty Conservation Club    Chris Boecker     Cloverdale       Citadel .45ACP

Oct. 16, 2010     Liberty Conservation Club     Mark VanAtta     Ada     Glock .45ACP
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